Today baby claudia

The picture of today baby claudia and baby girl dont with week holiday france theres. 25 weeks old today, baby Claudia seems to have leapt from a curled up newborn to a wriggly, rolling, giggling, gurgling, smiley and sometimes shouty big very nearly 6-month old baby girl!

I dont know how were 6-months on already, time is going frighteningly fast and while a big part of... Read More

Review mOmma cup with straw

We were recently sent a mOmma cup with straw to review and Allegra has been putting it to the test these past few months. Its not the first mOmma product weve reviewed, so were already fans of the brand, but it was the first cup of its kind that Allegra had got her hands on so I was interested to see how she might fare: particularly as shes recently become a big fan of straws!

When Im in the market for a new cup for little Miss A, I... Read More


When I asked if making a mess in front of your neighbors house is a code violation. I was told that mess Big Jack Ass made in front of my house would be MY CODE VIOLATION, THANK YOU BIG JACK ASS, you RATTY MESS MAKER!

I called Code Enforcement last week to make my complaint about the mess Big Jack Ass made in front of my house (see Rat Droppings) .

David Manley called me back after the second call to him, so it took 4 calls and 1 week to get to make my complaint, and we had a... Read More