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I love this photo. Its a sunset. (I think I called it a sunrise before) and you can only see it like this in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

First I printed it in a poster size and put it in an old window frame that I refinished. We hung it up in our dining room but it didnt have the effect I was going for.

Then I started searching online for companies who print your photos on canvas. A quick google search turned up . (Please continue to read this before you run to check them out, I think I was one of the lucky ones)

They had an advertised special on their website for 40% off any purchase and they had a lot of neat options (one of which I was looking for to take one photo and split it into 3 canvases).

So I placed my order and paid $220 for 3 20 x 48 canvases. (Original price was $339)

5 days later, I still hadnt received my shipment. So I used the tracking number and found that my package still hadnt been picked up. Sensing something was wrong, I googled them again along with review and suddenly my screen was filled with customer complaints about this company. Many complaints were around Christmas 2016 where customers had placed an order and been told it would be shipped within the week. Several weeks later (and after Christmas, when most were to be used as Christmas presents) the orders still hadnt been received.

So I decided to wait a couple more weeks in hopes that my canvases would arrive. (The pricing really couldnt be beat, most companies wanted that price for canvases that were half the size).

A week after reading bad reviews, MrC got home before I did and called to say that I had received a package in the shape of my canvases!!

I was pretty nervous to open the box (one customer had ordered a Sepia canvas only to receive a black and white) but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised. I even consider them to be good quality* and exactly what I wanted.

MrC hung them up today and to my relief, even HE likes them:

The picture of relocation package mrc and bank paperwork stage things with door type thingies.

The picture of relocation package mrc and bank paperwork stage things with door type thingies.

MrC was weary of hanging the photos 1.5 apart (he assumed we would hang them right next to each other) but I had a vision and he agreed to try it. I like the way it looks when they are hung a distance apart. MrC ended up liking the look as well. (He should know by now to trust my artistic eye!)

*Its important to note that this photo is from my D3100 camera (a nice camera, but nothing super fancy) and it still turned out pretty darn good. I believe that the print quality is very good. The framing was good but doesnt exactly sit flush against the wall. They do offer a thicker frame which may have fixed this problem. For my purposes, the framing is fine and Im completely satisfied with my canvas!

And no, we STILL dont have a kitchen table. But MrC and I have both been making random comments about needing one (especially after MrC hit his head on the light you see in the photo) so hopefully well find one soon that we both agree on!

Have you guys had any luck with buying a photo canvas of this size anywhere at a decent price?

For those who havent heard, we bought a house!

The event that caused that was that I got a new job! Ive actually been at the new job for 6 weeks or so now. And its taken some getting used to (a 72-mile, one-way commute to work will do that!) but my body is finally adjusting and besides the travelling (Ohio 2 weeks ago, Canada in a month) its been a good learning experience.

My new job gave me a generous relocation package so MrC and I have been house hunting since the week or so before I started my new job.

After seeing about 8 houses or so (and putting an offer on one house which would eventually not go through), we found the house we LOVED.

Its not EVERYTHING we wanted, but were young and not supposed to get EVERYTHING we want.

Right now we are in the bank paperwork stage of things but hopefully it goes quickly b/c the owners have 30 days after closing to get their stuff out of the house. (Theyre not living there so hopefully they move quicker than that!)

The basics: 3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,644 square feet. 6 acres. Small creek runs along corner of property. Sits far back off the road. Almost all wooded. 2 car attached garage. Oversize 2 car detached garage w/workshop. It was built in 1999 but the couple is older and the house looks brand new.

So, here is our (ALMOST) house:

Back Deck.

As you can see, there are 4 sets (2 in living room, 1 in dining room, 1 in master bedroom) of the all-glass double door type thingies that open out onto the deck. This is really the only thing wed like to improve (besides stainless steel appliances in the kitchen). I think its a great opportunity to create a neat backyard oasis. Like a water feature. Or a brick fireplace.

Another thing we are working on is a chicken coop design. MrC is good with building things so Im going to give him an idea of what I want and hell build it. Its nice having your very own handyman!

So now we wait. Then I can finally cut my commute from 72 miles to 39 miles. And well have our own house! No more renting!

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