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The picture of roofing options offer and water leakage problems with roofing system installation Flat Roof systems are guaranteed to provide a long term cost effective solution to under performing roof systems. It is not only suitable for almost all types of roofs, but also long lasting preventing the water to settle down through porous joints. Different types of flat roofing options offer varied benefits depending up on the nature of a property. However, the objective is the same for all; to permanently obsolete water leakage problems caused in conventional flat roofing systems.

Whether you require a flat roof repair or a new flat roof, you can be rest assured you will receive a high quality product and service from us.Homestead PVC have installed hundred of Flat Roofs for both residential and commercial customers. Our four most popular methods of flat roofing are:

Fibre Glass

Fibre glass type is the most advance option when considering flat roofing system installation to your property. Not only is it built for worse weather conditions but also performs well in the long run. It presents a non slip finish for maximum visibility making it visually appealing to your neighbors. A continuous membrane or covering is applied that forms the roof surface and edge details. This eliminates any possibilities for the joints and pores to show up. Once the newly formed membrane is laid down to the roof deck, it encapsulates to the roof leaving no leakage options. This type of flat roofing treatment is a best fit for complex roof structures.

Particularly about Rubber flat roof systems, a synthetic rubber covering is used that is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). This type of flat roofing system is best known for its weather resistant properties. It easily withstands heat, cold in various weather conditions and is used extensively on garages, green roofs, extensions, roof gardens, outhouses, sheds etc. These are the ideally suited areas where rubber roofing is applied with as little fuss as possible. The rubber EPDM sheet is cut to fit the exact specifications of a roof and due to its flexibility it easily transforms into the shape of the roof. One of its core benefits include: its resistantance to UV and ozone, and durable. In order to apply rubber roofing to your property, you do not have to get your existing roof covering removed. Instead, the rubber sheet can be installed over your existing roof covering and this makes it a cost effective solution.

Felt roofs are preferred for their much used covering and suitability for newly constructed properties, major refurbishments and extensions. This type of roofing returns best value for your money due to its massive durability and affordability to homeowners. Felt roofs have a life expectancy of 30 years or more if it is installed by certified roofing company such as us. This type allows application of a single, double or three layers depending upon the condition of your roof. Felt is easily applicable to most roofs and requires low maintenance.

Single Ply

Single ply roofing maintains a greater appeal and charm of its own because it easily serves to the most versatile covering specifications cost effectively. It remains high in demand because it can easily cover flat, pitched or barrel roofs, curved surfaces and simultaneously maintaining swift consistency. It outcasts a greater look of the roof on most domestic structures and prevents any cuts and holes on the roof surface.

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