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Tom Stearns loves seeds. When asked what it is about seeds that makes him so passionate, he replies, I see seeds as one of the best educational tools. For me, Ive seen myself as an educator more than anything else. I see my work focusing on helping people rebuild their local food systems. Seeds are an important, yet easy tool to recognize the importance of these systems, and seeds are one of the mediums by which this message can be conveyed.

Tom founded High Mowing Seeds in 1996 and... Read More

Weed Management Grapes

The picture of orchard berry field note and hand removal spot treatment with herbicide sprays wipers Split applications that control the weeds present in the orchard or berry field. Note the action of each herbicide, that is, how the chemical works in the plant. Then tank-mix and alternate use of these products to reduce the chance of developing resistant species or biotypes. Often, a combination of mechanical, herbicidal, and... Read More

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The picture of lily flower bed front and square feet thats with hens hatch chicks My goal this spring is to work on landscaping our house. The previous owners had done a great job, but there were still some areas that could use improvement.

Like the Lily Flower Bed in front of the barn. (We call it the barn, its really a huge garage)

We almost bought mulch at $5/bag... Read More

Science and Technology

The picture of steps definition alignment and steps work harmony with someone elses dream Motivational tips To live our lives on purpose, we must follow three steps: definition, alignment, and goal setting. These steps work in harmony, but can also be powerful and effective if followed on their own. Try this single step today and begin seeing the difference in your life. Goal Setting: Setting achievable and personal goals will... Read More

Animals, Insects, and Pets

The picture of protection family pet and dogs german shepherds with nobleheims german shepherds German shepherd texas German Shepherds are perfect fit for several situations, whether you need a dog for protection, a family pet, or showing and breeding. Recognized for being police and military dogs, German Shepherds are loyal, brave, and have a great ability to retain... Read More

Steps to really Good results along with Organic Garden work

The picture of instance chemical pesticides and time frame work with horse muck vegan It is recommended to keep yourself up-to-date by using how products are being done. You should be in tuned having the local cultivators in your town in an effort to talk factors out with the use of fanatics such as you. When your intent proceeding organically produced concerning garden work is to help quality, then you are already properly.... Read More