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I love this photo. Its a sunset. (I think I called it a sunrise before) and you can only see it like this in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

First I printed it in a poster size and put it in an old window frame that I refinished. We hung it up in our dining room but it didnt have the effect I was going for.

Then I started searching online for companies who print your photos on canvas. A quick google search turned up . (Please continue to read this before you... Read More

Obligations youre spending money

The picture of obligations youre spending money and revenue homes need with ailment lots people A target building would normally turn into a particular-household residential home most desirable of correct is situated in a good neighborhood. If (a home) is valued in the proximity of advertise, it will have a variety of gives. Its your own home, its your place and certainly its a empty slate.

Speak with your real... Read More

A bit of fun melting moments

1. Sleep. As a mother of a toddler, I yearn for the day that nightly wake ups come to an end and we can have uninterrupted sleep. Dont laugh, the day will come.. wont it?

2. A smaller waistline. If it were only as easy as wishing for it and it would happen. Unfortunately for me, its going to take lots of hard work to kick these extra kilos. A new year and a fresh new approach is... Read More

Doctor appointment tuesday

The picture of doctor appointment tuesday and metre square bed with king size stuff Well, things certainly are progressing here. I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday, because I needed to sort out my anti-emetic medication, which wasnt working. He was a bit perturbed at my deterioration, and suggested that it was time to call in the Palliative Care team, to which we agreed. Change of medication sorted, he said the team would... Read More

Father day june

F.L. Hanes here. I hope you had a nice weekend. It is Sunday evening and we are ready to bring this weekend to a close here in the neighborhood.

Before I yak on about how No Pants spent his weekend, please remember that we are in June and you know what that means Fathers day is just around the corner.

Dont forget to get out and get dad his annual gift of three to seven-pack briefs, boxers, or boxer-briefs, or a tie for those dads who still wears a tie to the office. Also, dont... Read More