Budgets are the New Black

One of my goals for 2016 was to try making homemade laundry detergent. I am happy to say that January has nary gone by and I have not only attempted my first recipe, but it was a resounding success. And not only did I make detergent for laundry, but for the dishwasher as well!

There are many recipes floating out there around the internet. I found this recipe for a powder detergent, because Im just a powder laundry detergent kind of gal. Plus, it looked easier than the gel recipes I... Read More

Yard waste people

The picture of yard waste people and christmas decorations storage with day farleys hips I think you can see why the yard waste people probably laughed hysterically and then drove on by. Its been there for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! The pile has settled to about a 6 high, 15 wide, and 10 deep pile. Its going to be great for Halloween. I guess she went to bizarre depths to keep kids from knocking on her door for candy. Large tree... Read More

The Cubicle s Backporch Travel

The picture of canadian dollars american ugh and penny american change bet with mrc text messages 1.) The houses are like, huge. Every house was either huge, or had additions built on to make it huge. Maybe they dont have basements up there? So that a huge house just looks big when really its one floor? Or is real estate just cheaper?

2.) The steps are... Read More

Bibs nap time woohoo

The picture of bibs nap time woohoo and parker shopping nap time with anything dinner time Lately we have fallen off the face of the blogging world and to be honest it has to do with many factors. The first is that I have been trying to get the boys on a daily schedule of when they nap and how often. We were having naps all over the place and not at the same time and... Read More

Love love love

Still in love love love with RuPauls drag race. So glad that Tatianna didnt get sent home much better for it to be that annoying Jessica Wilde, what with her using her accent as a crutch and generally annoying the snot out of meand honey, A+ to you for trying, but you just have a man face and there is not enough makeup for that. Aint gonna happen. Whereas Tatianna makes a much prettier girl than I could ever hope to be.

When we were in San Francisco, we went to this bar, AsiaSF, which... Read More

Welcome to Egypt, Land of Surprises

The picture of hour layover frankfurt and leg egypt air cairo with dose egyptian culture We ate the first airplane meal United served, and by the end of the turbulent ten hour flight I was fighting insane nausea. The second the plane touched down in Frankfurt I ran to the airplane bathroom to throw up. Ive never gotten sick like that on a flight. Darrick felt terrible, too. We blame the reheated stuffed... Read More